Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hey Beautiful!
You are here for a reason.
You have a purpose!
One that only YOU can fulfill.
Don't let that scare you but instead,
be excited!
You have a gift to share with the world.
Go ahead...start looking for your special gift.
The world is waiting:)

Hey Beautiful!

Hey Y'all!
My name is Suzanne and I created this blog for my own two
as well as all of you.
Cause you're ALL beautiful!
You are.  
Please BELIEVE it!
I want you to come here when you need a "hug",
when you don't feel so beautiful,
when you are scared, discouraged or uncertain.
These posts will be things I have or things I hope to say to my girls,
and messages we all need to hear sometimes.
That's it for now!.
Oh wait.......feel beautiful!!!